selected highlights from my archive of 90s activist ephemera and articles. probably due for a revamp.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Newbury flyer

I like this one. A combination of environmental pleading and ego-massage. My experience at Newbury was very limited. I was there a week, in the freezing cold, totally unprepared for just how hard it was going to be, how exhausting running from one place to another on word of mouth (mobiles were rare and expensive) trying to eat the bulldozers and security. I wish I'd been older and better prepared for it. For a definitive story of the times I recommend Jim Hindle's Nine Miles - a fascinating read.

Were you there? Do you have any leaflets, flyers, stories etc. that you want to share? If so email them to me and I'll stick 'em up here -


Where were you at the Third Battle? rear

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Earth First Action Update

protest4, originally uploaded by londoninflames.

This is the first in a series of scans and cuttings that I'm going to be publishing over the next few months. As my handful of readers will have probably worked out, I was on the outskirts of some of the protest, activist, countercultural, or whatever you want to call them, movements in the UK in the 1990s. Since then I have been shocked at the lack of information online. So, working on the old saying "If not you, who; if not now, when?" I am going to try and create an online collection of these things. Firstly my housemate's collection has been scanned. Where possible I will tell stories attached to various flyer, pamphlets, news stories, cuttings etc. Otherwise they're simply here to peruse, argue with, agree with, quote for wikipedia articles or whatever use you want to get out of them.

The Earth First Action Update was published by a UK collection of activists. It is unlikely they had links with any the American Earth First - whoever acts under the banner of EA was a member. Here are a few pages of a 96 copy. This interests me especially because during my brief stay at Newbury (one week, half term, too fucking cold) I was at Snelsmore.


protest4 001

protest4 002